Getting the private healthcare sector into shape


The growth of any industry meets a bottleneck sooner or later. This is now the case for Penang’s private healthcare sector. Just as the Penang Skills Development Centre (PSDC) was formed to supply the manufacturing industry with suitable skilled staff , a Centre of Excellence is now underway to provide private hospitals with sufficient numbers of quality personnel.

WHERE HEALTHCARE is concerned, be it the public or private sector, the focus has to be on improving delivery systems and keeping costs low. The public sector, committed to providing affordable and accessible healthcare, subsidises healthcare and puts in place systems and procedures for attaining operational efficiency.

The situation is quite different for the private sector where, to remain competitive, it has to provide quality treatment at a low cost.

Penang accounts for 70% of the Malaysian medical tourism market. It is home to six large private hospitals. This high concentration of hospitals on a small island reflects the demand for their services.

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