Beating childhood learning difficulties

loading The play therapy room in Pusat bold-PSDC is a welcoming and safe space for children, especially those undergoing trauma, to express themselves freely.

Motherhood has been very tough for Mei Sing*, as both her sons have learning difficulties. She blames herself for the “misfortune”. Her older son has signs of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and the younger one was identified as ADHD with learning difficulties at the age of four. “I was lost when I had my first child, because no one explained what to do about his special needs.”

DESPERATE and helpless, Mei Sing searched for professional help and friends recommended the BOLD-PSDC Centre in Island Park (Bureau on Learning Difficulties), Penang. She enrolled six-year-old Andrew* in BOLD’s Transition to School programme and later, Focus on Literacy for primary school students.

Heartened by Andrew’s progress, Mei Sing sent her elder son, Alex*, who was in Year Five, to BOLD. By then, Alex had been labelled a “retard” and “very naughty boy” by his teachers.

Despite his hyperactivity, Alex was timid and quiet, “like a robot”, said his mother. Within a year at BOLD, he became calmer and more expressive.

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