We are the led-ing light


What would modern living be without endlessly developing lighting technologies? The latest expansive area is in light emitting diodes (LED), and thanks to Penang’s head start in electronics since the 1970s, the State enjoys an enviable advantage in establishing itself as the led hub for the region. And as we know, with China and India growing at an amazing pace, the market for these flexible lights is enormous.

Penang has built its reputation as the Silicon Island of the East through its almost 40 years of experience in the export-oriented electronics industry. Today’s Who’s Who amongst electronics giants, such as Intel and AMD, were very young companies when they first established a foothold in Penang.

Many of the companies that set up operations in Penang in the early 1970s and 1980s are still thriving because of the State’s competitive advantages, which include human capital, worldclass supply chain, business-friendly government as well as excellent infrastructural facilities. The State has, in turn, also to thank these transnational corporations in spawning and developing the local supporting and ancillary industries.

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