Giving it everything


Considering how the information technology (IT) sector dominates global headlines and gets investors all excited, you’d think the public would have a better understanding of the nitty-gritty of it by now. Software engineer Ken Chee Beng Kean discovered just the opposite.

This was partly why Chee decided to start his own business. Teaming up with three partners, including his elder brother Daniel, he formed Quentissal Solutions, an IT-based business that specialises in software customisation and network solutions, as well as server customisation, selling computer hardware and “anything else IT-related, mostly”. He is adamant that people should be more informed about how their computers and software work. “Most services and products are old and redundant, but customers don’t realise this. Sub-par products are being sold, and while they’re cheap, are they good enough? Can we do better?”

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