Documenting our Damaged Democracy


Studying the 16 by-elections that had taken place since March 8, 2008 is indeed revealing. And what is revealed is not pretty and should inspire Malaysians to take responsibility for how their votes have been disrespected and mocked.

We often hear of electoral fraud and unfair election practices, but what do they really mean? What forms do electoral frauds usually take? What constitutes unfair practices and how have they surfaced? Beyond that, what are the measures that need to be taken to ensure that Malaysian elections are free and fair so that this vital aspect of our democracy is truly well-served and our vote for the candidate or party we support is not made a mockery of?

A new book called Democracy at Stake?: Examining 16 By-elections in Malaysia, 2008-2011, published by the Strategic Information and Research Development Centre, answers our questions and collates our concerns into a handy and comprehensive compact book.

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