The probable effects on the climate of Penang of the continued destruction of its hill jungles


IT IS REMARKED that the whole of the eastern front of the range (of a mountain in Pinang) has within a few years been denuded of its forest. The greater part of it is too steep for any permanent cultivation, and in all probability after the fecundity of the fresh soil, enriched by the ashes of the trees, has been exhausted, it will be abandoned by the Chinese squatters. It is not here alone that I was surpsrised to see the rapid progress which squatters and Chinese charcoal burners have made in destroying the jungles on the hills during the last two years. In Singapore the present zealous governor has, in an enlightened spirit akin to that which has for some time distinguished the government of India in reference to the same subject, absolutely prohibited the further destruction of forest on the summits of hills.

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