Lighting the way

loading Above & far left : Work in progress on the double circuit 230kV Power Transmission Project linking two substations from north Phnom Penh to Kampong Cham.

Penang-based Leader Universal Holdings Berhad (leader) was one of the forerunners of heavy Malaysian investment into Cambodia at a time when the country was still regarded as dangerous and volatile. leader’s persistence has paid off and today the Group is a major player in Cambodia’s power generation and transmission industry.

CAMBODIA IN THE early 1990s was not the investment location of choice for the “big guns” of the Western business elite, despite its proximity to the Asian Tigers. The small Indochinese nation had endured nearly two decades of Khmer Rouge brutality and war and was only taking baby steps towards re-establishing some semblance of normality after the ceasefire of 1991 and the introduction of United Nations (UN) supervision.

UN peacekeepers and NGOs arrived in a country which had no basic infrastructure, no industry (Pol Pot had forced millions of Cambodians at gunpoint to labour in the fields) and the unseen threat of unexploded ordinance (UXO) – an estimated 10 million bombs and mines left over from the Vietnam War and various civil wars.

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