All that Rozz-matazz

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It has been five years since Rozz first lit up Bagan’s stage with his electric takes on classic torch songs and Broadway numbers. With undeniable panache, Rozz fluidly melds the worlds of the masculine and the feminine.

WHO DID PEOPLE WATCH Before Rozz (BR)? Where did we go out at night? The answers are lost in a hazy mist; it’s hard to imagine a time when Penang had a happening live music scene that wasn’t dominated by zombie bands regurgitating chart toppers in hotel lobbies.

That changed when Rozz and his sequins swept into town.

For starters, Rozz is a performer who can actually sing. His classically trained vocals have been honed since he was four years old and later, on and off Broadway. Music and the stage are his life, and it’s a life he’s worked hard for aft er years spent working for a petroleum company.

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