Hoy Cheong the Art-ivist

loading A spoof of Anna and the King in his Maid In Malaysia Series for the Taipei mrt.

A sign of a dynamic artist, especially today, lies in the difficulty others have in describing him. Penang’s Wong Hoy Cheong is definitely such a person. He works equally freely in Malaysia or anywhere else in the world. And he is sought after anywhere in the world.

HE MAY NOT HAVE done a painting in 20 years, but his art is still travelling the world, ending up in the collections of reputable art institutions in Asia, Australia, Europe and the US.

In 2002 at 42 (Anselm Kiefer had his first at age 43), Wong Hoy Cheong was feted with two Retrospectives and another in 2003, all in London, of his works produced between 1994 and 2002.

In 2008, the National University of Singapore Museum gave him a Retrospective (works from 2002–2007), and in December 2010–January 2011, Taiwan’s Eslite Gallery showcased 11 of his series since 1998 including the Lyon Biennial-commissioned Days of Our Lives.

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