The Vast Potential of Gender Responsive Budgeting


Governance is more than being transparent, accountable and competent. It is about allocation of resources as well. Apart from issues of fairness, the use of limited resources has to be judged through efficacy; hence you need clear goals in your budgeting. One parameter that should be prioritised is gender; since policies cannot help but affect men and women differently.

PENANG'S AMBITION TO BE an international city has a number of implications and Penang’s Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng has acknowledged the need for, amongst other things, “a capable, clean and efficient civil service”, with a commitment to the development of human capital (emphasising excellence, creativity and innovation) and “a high degree of public-private partnership (PPP)” which will result in a “sustainable and balanced development”.

Further and related objectives include “social cohesion and inclusion which results in a shared society that allows democratic participation, respect for diversity and individual dignity, equal opportunity and prohibition of discrimination”.1

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