CEO insights “Expectations drive organisations”


CEO Insights is a four-instalment piece which explores the thoughts of four successful business leaders in Penang. Focusing on their vast experiences and broad international exposure, the series examines their views on the strengths of the Malaysian workforce and how these leaders inspire and impel their organisations to achieve new heights. This month, the man we talk to is Ooi Boon Chye.

OOI BOON CHYE has had over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, of which, 25 were spent in Intel Corpora- tion within a variety of positions. From November 2003 till 2008, he was at Xilinx Inc., responsible for all worldwide manufacturing operations, and was its senior VP of worldwide operations before he moved to Avago Technologies Limited in January 2009 as senior VP of global operations. The global nature of his job has led him to be stationed in various parts of the Americas, Europe, the Caribbean and Asia. Here, he talks candidly about his leadership style, expectations and experiences.

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