Reading The Numbers: The Bank Negara Report 2010


PEM walks you through the forest of figures that the 2010 Bank Negara Report put together. We point out where the trees are to you and discuss their significance.

THE BANK NEGARA REPORT on the economic performance of the nation in 2010 was released in March 2011. To date, SERI is the only Malaysian institution that analyses the central bank’s figures in the format of the four accounts that make up the system of national accounts (SNA) as prescribed by the United Nations.1

Eleven numbers make up the four accounts: 1) consumption; 2) investments; 3) exports; 4) gross domestic product (GDP); 5) net incomes abroad; 6) gross national income (GNI); 7) draw down on stocks; 8) gross national savings; 9) imports; 10) net transfers abroad; and 11) current account balance.

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