Improving Penang’s wet markets


Supermarkets may be seen as symbols of urban development, but it is not true that they have replaced our wet markets. In fact, our planners need to realise that it is their job to build on this still growing phenomenon. What would Penang be without fresh produce from Chowrasta, Jelutong or Batu Lanchang?

DESPITE THE GROWING popularity of air-conditioned and generally clean shopping malls, wet markets still exist in Penang. Not only that, they are still popular morning haunts. Besides fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and meat, visitors also get to breakfast on a variety of hawker fare. Although it is not possible to say whether perishable produce sold in wet markets is cheaper than at supermarkets, there is no doubt that ready-to-eat dishes are less pricey at wet markets.

It is still possible to have a bowl of noodles costing less than RM3.00 in wet markets. Indeed, in Jelutong wet market, one can still enjoy a bowl of Koay Teow Th’ng for RM2.50.

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