The Freedom Young Artists Can Enjoy

loading Zulkifli Lee's stacked blue crates.

The pieces on display at BMS 2016 may be challenging, but do they allude to the punitive political climate?

Gauze sheets hung indoor over a “clothesline” with little wind, little shadows; “moody” aluminium cans with earphones; a wall block with an additional steel cage in front (Trump’s?); an arcade-like game that’s hard to play; crate-boxes in iron casing leaning against the wall; a trapped Ultraman, in cryonics perhaps; and a jamban (OK, changing room)! What do you make of all these?

These were among the 31 presentable (selected) and presented art submissions from a total of 63 entries for the Young Contemporary Artists (Bakat Muda Sezaman, BMS) 2016 competition organised by the National Art Gallery (NAG). A competition since 1974 for artists under 40 (the age peg varies) that catapulted then-emerging artists such as Haslin Ismail, Zulkifli Yusoff, Mastura Abdul Rahman and Datuk Sharifah Fatimah Zubir into the main arena.

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