One More Nyonya Kuih for the Road?

loading Li Er Cafe produces more than 20 types of Nyonya kuih daily.

Penang’s glorious bites of colour have not only survived, they are now cool to eat.

A Mother-Son Venture

With its colourful variety of nyonya kuih, Li Er Cafe has been tantalising taste buds since 2015. Situated along Jalan Burma, the cafe is run by mother-son duo Tan Lee Ngau, 54, and Tan Kei Vin, 30.

A litigation lawyer by profession, Kei Vin decided to quit his job in KL to go into the kuih-making business. “The trade has been pigeonholed as a sunset industry because it requires manual labour, which most people would rather avoid these days. But what they don’t realise is that its value will only increase in the years to come since there will only be a handful of us left with the knowledge to make kuih.”

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