Hin Bus Depot – Derelict No More


Once dilapidated, Hin Bus Depot Art Centre has undergone an astounding transformation. Welcome to one of Penang’s most vibrant community spaces.

It is a successful case of creative placemaking in Penang. Through multiple art initiatives, the previously derelict Hin Bus Depot was revitalised and transformed into a contemporary art centre. It was then further developed into a creative cluster through the addition of more artistic content and creative outlets.

It is now making its name as a vibrant place where creative talents and art and cultural stakeholders gather to build up capacity by offering diverse events and activities.

Tan Shih Thoe, one of the owners of Hin Bus Depot, leads the management team. “Our idea is to turn it into a community place. Whatever we add on, we try to make sure everything blends in well.”

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