Ropewalk Bagan – A Treasure Awaiting Hunters

loading Entrance from the parking lot.

This wonderful roofed flea market offers unique trinkets and bargain goods.

Mention flea markets and Lorong Kulit’s Ropewalk immediately comes to the mind of most Penangites.

In the 1970s this famous flea market was actually found at Jalan Pintal Tali, which explains its moniker: “Ropewalk” is a literal translation of that road’s name. The original location was at the intersection of six converging roads, and attracted customers from near and far. It was a hotspot for rare and “hot” items, and a hangout for construction workers on the Komtar building site.

Overcrowding and the increasing number of traders caused traffic jams, however, and so the state government relocated Ropewalk to Lorong Kulit in 1992. It retained its old name and its reputation as one of the island’s earliest flea markets – and still one of the most popular.

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