Love And More Is All Around


What is urban living if not street life? Penang attracts travellers not only because of its beaches (you get better ones in Thailand), its shopping malls (you have flashier ones in Singapore) or its museums (you have more exciting ones almost anywhere else). What makes Penang stand out is its streets history being lived against a backdrop of ancient architecture and the air scented by hawker wares and musically scored by vehicles peopled by diverse seekers of lifetime fortune and night-long adventure.

LOVE LANE IS a remarkable name for a street and one which evokes romantic fantasies; it is a name perfectly suitable for a book or a movie title. The plot of the novel could revolve around young people falling in love on a beautiful old street; it could be a sad yet truthful and breath-catching story about human tracking and the very complex life stories of sex workers. Surprisingly, it is both.

There are a lot of contradictory theories about where the name came from; some saying it derived from a British officer with the surname Love, others claiming it has something to do with early 19th century brothels that catered for sailors and soldiers.

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