How did we tolerate the ISA for so long?

The Prime Minister’s intention to repeal the ISA should have been a wonderful occasion for rejoicement, if not for the fact that two repeat, two new laws will replace it. Are we to have two ISA Lights? Or is it more likely that no substantial change will take place?

Is the Internal Security Act (ISA) really going to leave us? In name as well as in spirit? Will its body be laid to rest forever and its soul consigned, not to purgatory but to hell, where it will be burned to nothingness and never more be resurrected?

Or will the government of Prime Minister Najib Razak design the two laws proposed as its replacement such that the repressiveness inherent in the ISA will live on, and the ruling regime can use it to its political advantage?

These are the questions on the minds of Malaysians who have at one time or another spoken out against the ISA or campaigned for its abolition over the years.

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