In Awed Appreciation of PAGO-PAGO


Roulodge, Port Dickson, oil on masonie board, 1958.

One of Malaysia’s greatest artists is honoured again through an extensive exhibition that mirrors his life. Latiff Mohidin’s life has been a powerful journey decorated with awards.

It is moot if so many Pago-Pago works of Malaysia’s great artist Latiff Mohidin can ever be assembled again under one roof, what more for a marathon six-month stretch. Pago-Pago is one of the most iconic and defining works in South-East Asian art in terms of socio- historical depth (ancient monuments, natural heritage and regional topography), inherent symbolic shapes and civilisational spirit and truth.

These Pago-Pago works – enigmatic, animistic and mystical in their wellsprings of creation from between 1963 and 1969 – are, after all, taking up four galleries on two levels dedicated to the Retrospective: 60 Years of LatiMohidin.

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