Off The Beaten Track in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is popular for the things a big city offers, such as glitzy high-end malls and modern architectural skyscrapers. Here, you find hallmarks of Chinese culture in the form of temples, street markets, hawker stalls and antique stores. But for the jaded traveller who’s already been to Hong Kong and is looking for something different, the city can still hold many surprises.

There is a path on Lantau Island that brings you past the serenity of a Trappist Monastery, a refuge for monks who have taken a lifelong vow of silence who would’ve thought that Hong Kong, of all places, would house such a sanctuary? Food is never a worry, as almost all trails pass by or end near coffee shops, food shacks and even rows of bars and restaurants, like the trail to Stanley Beach. Anyone who wants to incorporate more than a few hikes in their holiday should seriously consider getting The Leisurely Hiker’s Guide to Hong Kong which can be found in many bookshops there.

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