Bringing Brilliance To Heritage Buildings


Immediate strokes and immediate colours applied on canvas under stark conditions capture the continuity of the past in Chong Hon Fatt ’s paintings. Give him the right light, and he becomes unstoppable. Next year, this amazing artist will be honoured by the Penang State Art Gallery with a Retrospective, 47 years after his first solo exhibition.

BE IT FOR his paintings of heritage buildings in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Malacca or of the diaolou/tulou of China, Chong Hon Fatt has gained legions of admirers for his quaintly painted edifices of thick burnished golden-brown textures.

Characteristically, his whole canvas looks as if carved by rivulets of oil with ridges of outlines and studded pockets for windows or pediments. His unconventional preference for titanium-white, loads of it, makes for an intricate play of light nuances and subtle contrasts.

Hon Fatt is a sunbather, a sun-chaser, an avowed sun-worshipper.

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