Germany Wins Battle of Penang, 1914


In the column “Notes of the Day” in The Straits Times of May 18, 1936 (Page 10), we find the following description of the sinking almost 20 years earlier of the Russian cruiser Zhemchug by the infamous German light cruiser, Emden.

On October 28, 1914, the Germans disguised their ship as an Allied vessel and entered Penang harbour. Before their enemies could respond when it revealed itself, the Zhemchug had been torpedoed and sunk.

The ill-fated Zhemchug was a veteran of the Battle of Tsushima fought on May 27–28, 1905 between Russia and Japan. Its crew joined in rioting in Vladivostok during the Russian Revolution of that year, and was court-martialled.

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