Malaysia’s Performance On The MDGs: A Differentiated Picture


A nation’s progress should not just be measured by its economic output and growth alone. To this end, the Millennium Development Goals are a wide-ranging, holistic yardstick of development. PEM examines how Malaysia has fared over the past five years.

IN 2011, the United Nations (UN) and the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) published The Millennium Development Goals at 2010, the second midterm report on Malaysia’s progress towards achieving its goals in 2015. A roundtable led by Dr Lin Mui Kiang, the UN Coordination Specialist for Malaysia, was held at the Penang Institute on November 11 to discuss the report and Malaysia’s overall performance.

The first midterm review, completed in 2005, showed that Malaysia was on track, and even ahead of the target dates in achieving the MDGs. Malaysia was shown to be a model country that had made good progress, but still faced challenges in certain areas, including the proportion of women in managerial positions and in political representation.

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