Ideas and Actions For A Green State

loading The Carnarvon Street Tree Planting project by Think City.

The age of cities must hasten the need for environmental sustainability. Once known for its lack of cleanliness, Penang is now taking initiatives that will place it at the forefront of eco-innovation in Malaysia.

IN 1992, Malaysia signed the United Nations’ Earth Summit Rio Declaration on Environment and Development in Rio de Janerio. This gave rise to Agenda 21, a comprehensive plan of actions to be taken globally, nationally and locally by major actors. Some national and state governments have legislated or advised that local authorities take steps to implement the plan locally, as recommended in Chapter 28 of the document.

In formulating Penang’s environment framework, inputs from the Penang Blueprint prepared by the Socio-Economic & Environmental Research Institute (SERI), now known as Penang Institute, were adopted to include all the efforts the state government has undertaken since 2008.

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