Digital Art to Promote Heritage


Appreciating the old sometimes requires modern means; and applying such means at the same time creates something totally new and exciting. Video projection mapping is as modern an art technique as you can find, and when used on a piece of heritage as impressive as Suffolk House, the result is literally beyond words.

Digital Art+Culture (DA+C) was a pioneering event that took place at Suffolk House, and was held in part with the George Town Festival in July 2011. Central to it was Malaysia’s first heritage building video projection mapping (VPM). VPM is a unique melding of technology and creative visual expressions that enhances audience engagement.

The restoration efforts and funding of Suffolk House spanned nearly half a century. During the last 10 years, it was intensified by the concerted efforts of the Penang state government and major fund-raising efforts by HSBC and Penang Heritage Trust. A total of RM6.3mil was spent to restore the colonial architecture.

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