Of Menstrual Blood and Chicken Rice


The potency of feminism is excitingly enormous because women’s social roles have been supporting ones for so long that perspectives coming from that half of humanity tend to be extremely challenging for men and their status quo. Never is this truer than when the female body is involved.

A play called “Vagina Warriors” in Malaysia? I didn’t know what to expect. The classic play by Eve Ensler, “Vagina Monologues”, was created almost two decades ago and most people of my age do not consider it being shocking or relevant anymore. However, when I heard about the Malaysian adaptation of the play by Neighbourhood Performance Group (NPG) I was intrigued. Which direction would it take? Would it be shocking and daring? Or educational and boring? How do you talk about women’s bodies in a place where censors black out images of naked breasts in print?

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