Sketch Where You Stand


Urban Sketchers Penang takes over spots throughout Penang, drawing as they go. They remind everyone that art is about the immediacy of life. The subjects that catch their attention are the mundane and the common-and these need celebrating.

A quirky trend of occupying a targeted space has gripped a ragged band of vagabonds who rarely stray from the 1,046sq km that make up Greater Penang. Numbering from five to as many as 50 persons, they mainly stay close to the island with its intoxicating brew of street life, pre-War architecture and quaint alleyways, oases of green alcoves and aroma of street-hawker food of Chinese, Malay and Indian origins.

Armed with sketchbooks, brushes, pens and pencils or whatever, they are only bent on capturing on location the alfresco mood of places and people at decisive moments—drawn from life, not from photographs and memory, or still lifes or even posed models.

They are Urban Sketchers Penang (USk Penang).

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