Carnarvon Street: Where Change Happens Quietly


It was where you once went either to buy or gawk at Chinese coffins, or to buy exercise books and search for items on your latest school curriculum list. It linked Prangin Road, where you got off the Lim Seng Seng bus, to Pitt Street, where you visited money changers. Carnarvon Street today is still a thoroughfare where it is worth your while to stray for a bit.

Once when I mentioned Carnarvon Street to a now successful business owner, he looked at me with wonder and asked, “Why Carnarvon Street? There is nothing there.” Then he sighed and added, “When I was a child that road used to scare the shit out of me. There were funeral shops, dead people and dodgy people hanging out on the corners. In fact, I was beaten up by a gang of older kids when I was 10.”

But that was a long time ago. What does Carnarvon Street look like now?

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