Not Easy Housing Malaysians


One of the most controversial subjects in Malaysia is the issue of home ownership. How are Malaysians earning low wages to afford a house of their own? How is the government at any level to solve this serious problem?

Prime Minister Najib Razak recently called for feedback in advance of the government’s unveiling of the National Budget 2013. The top of the wish list for those who responded is that of affordable housing for the middle income group. Most respondents cited the rising price of property in various urban cities across the country as a problem. This has likewise struck home within the two states of Penang and Selangor, and as a growing concern, will surely be an election issue.

In fact, the dispute has already begun. Penang Institute’s CEO Zairil Khir Johari wrote an extended piece on housing in Penang, stating among other things that there is a shortage of 70,052 units for the group of newly-wed professionals and young middle class families.

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