The Unknown and The All Too Familiar


A vital bit in the process of going from one-party rule to a two-coalition system in Malaysia is the showing of some faith and the exercising of some daring imagination on the part of the voting population. "Familiar" does not mean "better" at all.

An irksome comment frequently heard is: “But does Pakatan have leadership? Can it take over the federal government?”

One is prompted to ask what “leadership” means in this case. And is the BN leadership the kind we want?

I would take it further. I would ask: Does BN have leaders? I mean, real leaders?

Let's look at the states currently being governed by Pakatan. I don’t know much about Kedah and Kelantan, but Selangor and Penang have certainly been doing fine. I live in Selangor, and as a Penangborn- and-bred, I visit Penang from time to time.

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