Constraints on artistic expression multiply


As more and more incidents of censorship affect Malaysian society in general, confusion spreads about what the basic rationale actually is. The World of Art is of course strongly affected by this.

The latest blow to strike Malaysia’s art scene was the banning of J. Anu’s work, I For Idiot, from the M50 Selamat Hari Malaysia exhibition at Publika in Solaris Dutamas (August 27-September 17), a new haven for the arts in KL. It was from his dossier of 26 blocks featured in his Alphabet Soup book, Alphabet for the Middle-Aged Middle Classes, which was completed four years ago but released only recently in an exhibition cum launch at China House, Penang.

The “Idiot” is an indictment of former US President George W. Bush for what was later found to be a spurious campaign against the Weapons of Mass Destruction which Iraq purportedly wielded.

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