Time to mainstream forensic science


Integrating forensics into our investigative philosophy brings more good than harm. Properly implemented, men of science working alongside men of the law can bring more of Malaysia’s criminals to justice – and more efficiency to the rule of law.

During my studies in the UK, the murder trial of Stephen Lawrence was something no forensic science student could afford to overlook. With double jeopardy laws repealed in the country, the murder case of the 18-year-old black British in 1993 which had sparked national outrage there, was scheduled for a retrial due to new evidence following a cold case review. The trial ended with two of the five initially arrested, but not convicted, suspects being pronounced guilty of murder.

While the London Metropolitan Police should be commended for their relentless pursuit of an unsolved (or rather, justice-denied) murder case, the advancement of forensic science should be recognised as the major game changer.

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