Let’s Stop Malaysia Going Greek


The latest general assembly of Malaysia’s largest party was a great disappointment. At a time when countries much more powerful than us are desperately seeking new ways of thinking and new ways of staying afloat, Umno not only resorts to tried and failed formulas but calls upon highly dubious elements for support.

The United Malays National Organisation (Umno) is beyond redemption. At its general assembly in December, the message it sent out was suspicion of others and hatred for them, and a desperate desire to win the next general election. 

Its president, Najib Razak, once again proved what many of us have long suspected – that he is a dissembler. He exposed the ultimate lie behind his 1Malaysia slogan by saying things that would divide the races rather than bring them together. He set the trend for delegates at the assembly to harp on the threats to Umno from other races. It was disgraceful coming from the Prime Minister of the country. It was supremely irresponsible.

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