Seeking Inspiration in Balik Pulau

loading An oil painting of a fishing village by Simon Tan.

Art does not spring from the artist alone, but also from his chosen surroundings. This is as true for the professional as it is for the amateur. Consciously or not, many artists have found their way to Balik Pulau, to settle and to create.

Idyllic Balik Pulau, the last natural sanctuary on Penang Island, is evolving into a resort for artists.

Several artists have started moving there to be far, far away from the madding crowd, to have their own studio-gallery in a place with “kampung/kebun” ambience and because whatever they buy to move into has been more affordable. One of them even plans to set up an international artists’ camp there.

There is also the RBS-Malihom artist’s residency which was started in 2007. The last intake there, according to its website, was in December 2011, with the Bali-based Japanese Rie Mandala and Hong Kong’s Canada-trained Angela Su. (It had hosted 18 artists and several other non-resident artists by then.)

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