A Fresh Paradigm for Penang


The Penang Paradigm is a comprehensive development agenda for Penang in the coming decade. Prepared by the Penang Institute, it seeks to strengthen three key processes:

  1. Restoring economic dynamism to Penang;
  2. Improving the liveability of Penang and the sustainability of its natural environment; and
  3. Accelerating Penang's social development to entrench social harmony and to widen social inclusion.

The key policies that we propose for Penang are also applicable to the rest of Malaysia.

The Penang Paradigm diagnoses why Penang and Malaysia have been caught in the middle income trap for the last 15 years. It then studies international experiences in catch-up growth, especially in East Asia and Latin America, to formulate the optimum development framework for Penang and Malaysia and to provide operational principles for policymaking.

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