Culture in the centre: Arts-ED makes full use of our heritage

loading Self-discovery and investigation through treasure hunts.

Janet Pillai is the force behind an organisation that is helping to sensitise the minds of our urban young.

Cultural mapping has become the new mantra used by dedicated groups in engaging and interacting with specific communities, in part, to safeguard the diversity and intensity of intrinsic cultural practices and expressions, and to broach new terrains of community enhancement.

Over in Penang, the Arts-ED has been at the forefront of this relatively uncharted territory of a community-based arts and heritage education programme in sustaining and revitalising both tangible and intangible heritage.

Originally the Theater Muda component of the Five Arts Centre (FAC), it was hived off and renamed Young Theatre Penang when Janet Pillai, an FAC founding member, moved from KL to Penang.

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