After the elections: A new game begins


BN may have retained federal power, but the status quo is nevertheless deeply altered. Looking at what has changed will provide us with more insight than looking at what has remained the same.

Historical lines of conflict

The 13th General Elections held on May 5 this year did not bring about the change in government at the federal level which the opposition had hoped for. The only change in government to occur was in fact in Kedah, where Pakatan lost the second of the five states that it had won on March 8, 2008.

However, despite such disappointments, Pakatan as a whole definitely continued making inroads into new key areas that were once off-limits to the opposition. The despondence that overwhelmed the coalition and its supporters as the officially announced results began going against them ran deep, which in a way explains the psychological need for the subsequent giant rallies held throughout the peninsula to manifest a general distrust of the electoral process.

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