Juniors with big dreams


Dream Juniors at Queensbay Mall’s “K-Pop Talent Search 2013”. Left to right: Mark Ling, Vanessa Koay, Vince Teh, Andrea Saw and Wong Ee Heng.

What does a bunch of 14-year-olds have in common with Michael Jackson, K-Pop bands and a human in a fox suit? Well, for one thing, they all dance very well.

In Malaysia, modern dance is not considered a possible career, although it is slowly becoming popular thanks to reality shows such as the US’s So You Think You Can Dance and UK’s Got to Dance. Closer to home, the Korean wave, which largely features boy and girl bands such as Big Bang and SNSD, has shown that Asians can dance, and very well too.

But given that, to many, it is still seen as more of a pastime or a form of exercise. To five youngsters though, it is a passion.

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