Is online freelancing the future?


The internet has been changing our lives for a quarter of a century now, and it does not look like that will stop. In fact, the pace will increase and change the way we are used to doing things. One new phenomenon is online freelancing, which will change how companies work.

Azlina Abdul Jalil has always had a passion for languages. In July 2011, she got to know about Elance and decided to try her luck as a translator. It took her four months before she got her first job from Mascus, an Australian machinery and transport company. “My background in Mechanical Engineering helped me,” says the 36-year-old mother of two. She translated its website from English to Malay, and received a high rating of 4.9/5.0 for a job terrifically well done.

This led her to become a full-time freelancer. Besides translation, she also transcribes, proofreads and writes short articles. In a good month, Azlina can earn up to RM2,400.

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