An independent music scene for Penang


If the cultural renaissance that many claim Penang is undergoing did not involve creative music, then something would be wrong. It was bound to happen sooner or later. IndiePG is trying to create space for local musicians and songwriters to develop their art and to excite an audience.

Backstage at IndiePG, the members of The Electric Min’z Project are trying to define what their band sounds like. Guitarist Angelo Manuel has a go at it: “It’s a bit psychedelic… and we’ve got a bit of rock, rock and roll and ambient sounds going on. It even borders on being industrial at certain points.”

All five enthusiastically agree with him. It’s been two years since they started out as an experimental project, when their vocalist, Lim Min Tze, got them together. “All of us have very, very different musical influences,” Lim explains.

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