Astronomically awesome


A travelling astrodome introduces children – and adults – to something that has fascinated man ever since he looked upwards. For urban dwellers, the expanse of the universe is not very obvious; all the more reason why Lim Choon Kiat wants to make astronomy interesting to today’s children.

A line of children, accompanied by the random adult, waited for their turn to squeeze through the mouth of the iglooshaped tent. The hall was abuzz with their excited chattering outside the entrance, which is designed to block out as much light as possible. There was another group of people waiting to pay RM5 for the tickets and to book their viewing time.

The queue was for the Portable Planetarium, the country’s only private mobile planetarium. It hosted a state-of-the-art fish-eye lens projector which was capable of 3D, 360-degree screening.

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