Ecstatic about short + sweet


Rueben Augustin and co-star, Lawrence.

Penang does not have much training ground for the performing arts, but one theatre festival is churning up passionate interest with its bite-sized format and open-for-all motto.

I still remember the rush I felt in the weeks leading up to last year’s Short+Sweet theatre Festival. It was my very first involvement in theatre and I was diving in head first. With no prior experience in playwriting or directing either on stage or behind it, Short+Sweet 2012 was my formal induction into the world of theatre. The experience left me hungry for more, and when it was announced that Short+Sweet was coming back in 2013, I eagerly signed up. I was joined by some of the folks I got to know in the first festival, and many more people who weren’t just new, but never had any experience in theatre.

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