Langkawi where eagles fly


Langkawi derives its name from lang (short for helang or eagle) and kawi, which is the red limestone that makes up most of its 99 islands. And the best way to see both these elements in perfect harmony is from the deck of a boat cruising through the archipelago.

The Damai Indah Lagi is a beautiful boat, pure and simple. Modelled after a traditional Bugis schooner, it has an open upper deck kitted out with comfy chairs from which to enjoy the surrounding view. At 56ft long, it accommodates 25 people quite comfortably. On the day of our cruise, only eight of us are on board.

Its burnished brown hull glints in the noonday sun as we walk along the pier of the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club towards where it is moored. Captain Dean’s helping hand to get us on board is firm; matched only by the brightest grin you’ll ever have the pleasure of seeing.

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