Bukit Brown activism- A race to save history


With a motto that states “We guide rain or shine”, the Bukit Brown volunteers in Singapore are fighting against time to save a crucial piece of the island nation’s history.

Standing amidst 173 acres of lush and undisturbed undergrowth in Bukit Brown, Singapore, one becomes aware of a sense of urgency in the air. A loose group of volunteers, a.k.a. Brownies, is in a race against time to save Bukit Brown and the graves of 3,746 pioneers from being cleared to make way for road extensions to alleviate traffic congestion. Indeed, the exhumation notices erected by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) at the entrance of the cemetery grounds declare with bureaucratic monotony that “part of the burial ground is required for the development of the new dual four-lane road. The LTA of Singapore will undertake the exhumation of the affected graves.”

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