Not Being Affraid Anymore - Ksatriya's music demands attention


I asked a sparrow once – aren’t you afraid of falling? She said fear is for the creatures that creep across the ground Fear is for those who will never touch the clouds. – Ksatriya

Young, talented and passionate, musician Ksatriya refuses to box himself into a genre. One can easily see why. Beat poet, punk poet and self-proclaimed “rojak”, his work is a fusion, a mishmash of ideas and cultures; in fact, an aspiration towards what Malaysian music should be all about.

But before the 29-year-old followed his calling and became a musician, Ksatriya toiled away in the IT world. “It convinced me that it was the last thing I wanted to do,” he said. After all, he’d grown up being quite artistic and spent a lot of his youth drawing. Writing came next, as did music lessons. “My keyboard teacher wasn’t very impressed with my music abilities,” he admitted, a little unhappily.

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