Online Platforms That Run Errands For You


Most will agree that life has become very convenient with the Internet – and not only in communications. We can even pay our bills and buy groceries online without leaving the house. And more ingenious entrepreneurial innovations are on the way.

Shawn (not his real name) was excited; he had booked a hotel room where he planned to propose to his girlfriend. A day before the event, he came down with a headache and a fever. Not wanting to change his plans, he enlisted Rachel (not her real name) to decorate the room for him. Flower petals, all red and purple, were used to create the proposal message.

Shawn found Rachel through Task Amigo, a Singapore web-based platform seeking to create a pool of “runners” to run errands for “listers”. Individuals or companies needing last-minute help can post tasks which can be filtered by location, e.g. Raffles Place.

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