Limits to growth in Singapore?


Singapore functions very much in the global economy. This means that it is sensitive to the ups and downs affecting the rest of the world. However, the island republic’s phenomenal success has also led to mounting pressure from within. It lacks land, and in the eyes of its planners, continued growth requires an ever increasing population, a view that its people are not comfortable with.

Whenever Singapore is mentioned, certain characteristics may surface in minds of many Malaysians. Typical descriptions of the country include a fast-paced life, a clean city, competitive culture and abundant career opportunities. These attributes have been at the core of the Singaporean lifestyle for the past decade, and still hold true today. But make no mistake: change has been coming to Singapore.

A series of events that happened in recent years demonstrated that one of the fastest growing countries in the past 40 years is also vulnerable to its own seemingly reliable system.

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