From cancer survivors to social champions: A relay for hope


How does one turn the painful and harrowing experience of battling cancer into one that can inspire others and give hope where it seems to be lost? Sukhveer Kaur and Daljit Singh share their stories.

“We’re going to prepare some vegetarian dumplings, fruitcakes and masala chai,” the sprightly Sukhveer Kaur says.

I was not sure if it was an offer, but before I could politely decline, her husband, Daljit Singh, asks, “Do you take your chai with or without sugar?”

While sipping my chai, I noticed that Sukhveer and Daljit seem like your average middle-aged Malaysian couple. However, beneath their humble and generous nature, nothing could be further from the truth – both are cancer survivors albeit now with healthy bodies and voluminous hair. How come they have hair?

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