For whom Malaysia’s highways toll


Malaysian expressways are famous for their eye- catching acronyms: Elite, Sprint, Dash, Kidex, Skip and Duke are some of the more memorable ones. Penang Monthly goes beyond that to nd out who owns what in the highly lucrative highway business.

Malaysia has come a long way since its rst tolled expressway or highway, the 33km Tanjung Malim-Slim River route (then known as Federal Route 1) was completed in 1966. Today, there are 31 operational highway concessions, and all but one are collecting toll 1. With the exception of one tolled bridge in Kuching, all the privatised highways are found on the peninsula, and slightly more than half of the concessions are based in the Klang Valley.

The 31 highway concessions are owned by 20 di erent owners. These concessionaires are a mixed bunch, ranging from pension and government funds to public listed corporations, private companies, individuals, state governments and the federal government.

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